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    Aircraft Packages

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    Diamond SS™

    10-Year Warranty
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    The Diamond SS™ package is our top of the line professional package. Our Diamond package features incredible slickness, gloss, and protection with a 10-Year warranty.

    • Diamond Super Slick™ over all paintwork
    • Diamond Super Slick™ on badges, emblems, trim
    • Xtreme Super Slick™ on landing gear and leading edges
    • Glass™ on the windshield/windscreen
    • Interior™ protection of leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet

    Why System X® on Your Aircraft?

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    Backed by our best in industry guarantee. The System X® professionally installed paint protection program gives you peace of mind that your aircraft will look great as long as you own it.

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    Made in the USA

    Proudly made in Thomaston, CT USA. Our products carry a promise of quality and integrity. Be assured that the premium coating used on your vehicle is the best choice for aesthetics and protection.

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    Outstanding Performance

    System X Diamond™ is the slickest coating on the market. Its unique chemistry provides an unparalleled bond for the best long term protection. Super slick properties help contaminants slide right off.

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