System X®
Automotive Ceramic Coatings

Owners and collectors of the finest vintage and exotic automobiles worldwide trust System X® to consistently provide unmatched slickness, protection, hardness, and brilliance.

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The Ultimate
Permanent Coating

A lifetime of high gloss ceramic protection

Automotive ceramic coatings represent a revolutionary advancement in paint protection.  An exclusive, permanent ceramic coating which imparts a color enhancing gloss while protecting exterior surfaces up to the Lifetime of your car.

System X® creates a brilliant new clear coat over your paintwork.  Appearing as if your car was dipped in glass, this new surface is ultra hydrophobic, slicker, and glossier then the original clear coat.

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Automotive Packages

Max G+™

Lifetime warranty
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The Max G+™ package is our highest gloss and most durable protection package. Max G+™ features a glossier, tougher shell up to four times thicker, 2x stronger, and 2x more durable than previous coatings.

  • Max G+™ over all paintwork
  • Max G+™ on badges, emblems, trim
  • Wheel™ on wheels
  • Glass™ on the windshield/windscreen
  • Interior™ protection of leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet

Diamond SS™

Lifetime warranty
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The Diamond SS™ package is our top of the line professional package. Our Diamond package features incredible slickness, gloss, and protection with a lifetime warranty.

  • Diamond Super Slick™ over all paintwork
  • Diamond Super Slick™ on badges, emblems, trim
  • Wheel™ on wheels
  • Glass™ on the windshield/windscreen
  • Interior™ protection of leather, vinyl, fabric, and carpet

Why System X® on Your Vehicle?

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Backed by our best in industry guarantee.  The System X® professionally installed paint protection program gives you peace of mind that your car will be looking great as long as you own it.

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Made in the USA

Proudly made in Thomaston, CT USA. Our products carry a promise of quality and integrity. Be assured that the premium coating used on your vehicle is the best choice for aesthetics and protection.

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Outstanding Performance

System X Diamond™ is the slickest coating on the market. Its unique chemistry provides an unparalleled bond for the best long term protection. Super slick properties help contaminants slide right off.

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How Is This Possible?

System X® becomes the new functional surface of your vehicle’s paintwork. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a hard glossy shell that cannot be washed off like a wax or a sealant.

The new clear coating is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. This incredible barrier of protection against minor scratches, swirl marks, acid rain, bird droppings, and harmful UV rays.

The unique formula of System X® Ceramic Protection locks in long-lasting beauty by keeping paint clean through its super slick properties – this new ceramic layer helps contaminants slide right off.  The result?  Greatly reduced time and expenses related to ongoing care and maintenance.

Protect Your Investment

Next Generation Protection

Test System X® Polymer Sealants Wax Products
UV Rays
Hot Water
Acid Rain
Bird Lime
Cold Water / Frost
Hydrocarbons / Exhaust

Testing Results and Technical Data

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Pencil Hardness, Alkali, & Salt Solution Resistance Testing

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Corrosion, Crazing, Paint Softening, & Embrittlement Testing

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Ceramic Coating Technical Data Sheet & Information


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Frequently Asked

  • Are these coatings really permanent?

    Yes, System X® Ceramic Coatings should be thought of as adding another clear coat to the paint's surface. This new clear coat is glossier, chemical resistant, and harder than the original clear coat. System X® is a permanent coating in the same sense that the clear coat on your car is permanent. Eventually the clear coat will wear away over the years; its overall longevity depends on conditions, cleaning frequency, proper application, and maintenance.

  • What is the advantage of System X over polyurethane clear coats that already provide significant gloss and color retention?

    System X® provides advanced gloss and protection over clear coats. The ceramic bonded coating helps contaminants slide off easily, which gives them less time to eat into the surface. An added plus is the ease of cleaning your vehicle. An easy way to think of it would be that System X® is the equivalent of another, harder, glossier, self-cleaning clear coat layer.

  • Do I need a special car wash/soap to wash the vehicle after application?

    No special washing, soap, or shampoo is required. Using an automated car wash is fine as well - touch-less automated car washes are preferred as cloth car washes often have debris and stone chips left in the brushes/cloth from infrequent maintenance.

  • Can I wax or seal over System X?

    Yes, if desired waxing and sealing over System X® coatings won’t damage it. Let System X® coatings cure for at least 4 days before applying another product. And make sure to use products that do not contain abrasives or solvents - like System X Renew.

  • How quickly do I need to remove bird droppings?

    Remove bird waste as soon as possible. Saturate the dropping with water then wipe off. Avoid scraping.

DIY Ceramic Spray Coating

Use as a standalone HYPER gloss coat or as a topper for your warrantied ceramic coating.

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Renew™ Quick Coating Spray
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