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How to Maximize the Life of Your Professional Ceramic Coating

So your vehicle is has been professionally ceramic coated and you are looking to add some additional longevity? Whether it’s your daily driver or weekend cruiser, a few simple tips and a little help from our DIY ceramic coating spray can really make a difference.

Car Washing, Drying, and Do’s & Dont’s

It may be quite obvious, but having a consistent washing routine of your vehicle can make a BIG difference. How you wash your vehicle is where it really matters. Our quick tip list below is what helps keep your coating looking fresh week after week.

  • Washing on a bi-weekly basis (Use mild car wash soap).
  • Avoid washing in direct sunlight to avoid streaking and water spotting.
  • Wash from the top down to avoid any cross-contamination.
  • Use the “two bucket” method – one bucket for rinsing your sponge/mitt and one for soapy water.
  • Use separate soap and sponge/mitt for washing wheels.

Now that washing is out of the way, physically drying the vehicle off is much better than letting it air dry. When you use a quality microfiber towel it decreases the chances of leaving behind minerals and other deposits left behind by water droplets that may lead to water spots.

Now for the Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do: Hand wash, touchless wash, use mild car wash soap, microfiber wash & dry, wash in shade.
  • Do Not: Automatic towel wash, use dirty brush or sponge, wash in direct sun, wax or polish.

Simple and consistent maintenance is a key factor in keeping your vehicle’s professional ceramic coating in top shape.

System X Renew Ceramic Coating Topper Spray

Now to take it to the next level let’s talk about System X Renew, the ceramic DIY topper coating that truly will maximize your current coatings life with impressive results.

System X Renew can be applied by yourself right in the comfort of your home or professionally by a detailer. You can think of Renew as an additional layer of protection applied on top of your current coating.

Here are some core details about Renew to better understand why it’s a great choice to maximize the life of your current coating.

  • 9+ Months of protection against light scratches, acid rain, road grime, tar, & more.
  • Adds HYPER gloss and super-slick finish and feel.
  • Self-cleaning properties allow your paint to be cleaner for longer.
  • Ultra-hydrophobic properties repel water, dirt, grime, tar, & much more.
  • Fast and easy application.

Sure, just some bullet points with information but what do they mean? 

Let’s talk about the 9+ months of protection offered. Your current coating is protecting from acid rain, road grime, and much more. When you combine System X Renew with your current coating like System X Diamond SS or Max, for example, it creates an additional barrier to keep your current coating from getting abused by the elements. This is exactly how you get a true maximization of your current coating.

Sure, that’s great but will it affect the current gloss levels or hydrophobic properties?

Renew will not affect any gloss or hydrophobic properties in a negative way. In some cases where the coating is in the later years of its coating, for example, Renew will actually boost the levels of gloss and hydrophobic properties depending on the level of care and climate.

Side note: Renew is a great option for non-coated vehicles as well. This is where you will see Renew’s hyper-glossy and ultra-hydrophobic properties come to life.

An added benefit aside from extending your coatings life with Renew is its ability to fill in low spots and minor scratches from regular wear from the elements.

Applying Renew to a coated or non-coated vehicle is super easy. Our DIY coating only has a few simple steps to follow. Not only can Renew be applied to the paint, but also to the wheels and glass. Application is the same for each surface that you are covering. 

Basic Application of Renew DIY Ceramic Spray

  1. Wash and clean the surface to be coated. Dry Surface.
  2. Spray the product directly on the panel or microfiber pad/cloth and work the product into the section. The product will flash (dry) immediately. 
  3. With the dry side of the microfiber towel or separate buffing microfiber towel, buff off the product residue until a super-slick feel. 
  4. Wait 4 hours before getting wet. The product will fully cure in 24 hours.

When Renew is applied and fully cured, your additional ceramic protection is complete. The care and maintenance you took with your current coating will remain the same with no changes or additional steps.

Now that we’ve broken down how Renew works and the ease of applications, check out how it’s offered.

  • 8.0 FL OZ: 2-4 applications depending on vehicle size.
  • 16.9 FL OZ: 4-8 applications depending on vehicle size.

We find that a lot of people who go with Renew as a topper for their current coated vehicle also use it as a stand-alone on other vehicles they may have.

Pro Tip: For maximum protection, Renew can be applied every 3-4 months to keep that ultra glossy, hydrophobic, and silky smooth touch to your vehicle.

When it comes to protecting your investment and extending your coatings life don’t mess around, try Renew.

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